Dan Hable

Dan Hable

Software Engineer


Software engineer with 20 years of experience delivering scalable, fault tolerant, distributed solutions. Specializes in building high volume, real-time data pipelines for mobile and rich internet applications using open source tools. Currently seeking a technical leadership position with a company innovating with data focused products.

Technical Skills

 Java & JVM
 JavaScript & node.js
 Data Science & Big Data

Work Experience

 Software Engineer
 Apr 2020 - present
 Rally Health
  • Backend services in Scala
 Staff Software Engineer
 Nov 2018 - Apr 2020
  • Was part of a team designing billing services using Stripe for DataStax Constellation.
  • Built a prototype GraphQL proxy server that would stitch gRPC and other GraphQL components automatically into a single schema.
  • Profiled and fixed numerous memory issued with Jython and the twisted framework using YourKit and Java Flight Recorder.
  • Built pluggabale authentication framework for OpsCenter enabling customers to provide their own connectors for enterprise customers.
 Senior Software Engineer
 Apr 2015 - Oct 2018
 DataStax, OpsCenter
  • Prototyped migration strategy for Jython app using dropwizard as an application container and netty to proxy legacy STOMP connections to leverage the JVM for networking instead of Jython.
  • Designed and implemented a Clojure to Jython interop library enabling legacy python code to be used from Clojure like native functions.
  • Led efforts to improve the performance and reliability of the S3 backup feature. Included replacing jclouds with native AWS SDK, fixing unnessary reflection in Clojure and fixing threading model.
  • Implemented new agent setup, health and diagnostics UI screens from designer wireframes using dojo and python.
 Principal Co-Founder
 Jan 2014 - Feb 2015
  • Led product development for solutions in cloud deployment and identity management as a service solutions.
  • Onboarded founding team members and established Founders Agreement between the founding team.
  • Built initial back end services for products using node.js and restify.
  • Mentored front end engineer on JavaScript, CSS and Ember.js to deliver UI prototypes on time.
 Oct 2013 - Dec 2014
 Code Fellows
  • Developed syllabus, selected readings, and built exercises for initial JavaScript Development Accelerator.
  • Assistant instructor Nov/Dec 2013 JavaScript Accelerator and Sep 2014 Python Foundation II.
  • Lead instructor Oct/Nov 2014 Python Development Accelerator and Apr 2015 Python Foundation II.
  • Guest lecturer on functional programming (May 2014) and technical interviewing (Mar 2015).
 Senior Software Engineer
 Jan 2014 - Sep 2014
  • Led redesign of JavaScript data collection SDK, improving the API and focusing functionality.
  • Prototyped Facebook targeted ads as an additional outbound marketing channel.
  • Led addition of mobile push notifications as an additional outbound marketing channel.
  • Identified and fixed design issue that would potentially cause a ~60% data loss with events in Cassandra.
  • Identified deployment issue that led from 8 TPS to 80 TPS on a critical data import process.
  • Identified root cause of HTTP protocol mistake by a third party that was causing delay in the marketing offer service.
 Principal Software Engineer
 May 2012 - Sep 2013
  • Led development of real-time, distributed, PCI compliant point of sale integration.
  • Led development of a scalable data transform and load process based on Akka.
  • Mentored development team on node.js best practices during adoption.
  • Automated DB schema deployments using Flyway.
  • Established continuous integration pipeline for development team using Jenkins hosted by CloudBees.
  • Supported CEO and CMO during sales calls with potential customers.
 Senior Software Engineer
 Jan 2011 - Apr 2012
 BlackBerry, PlayBook Platform
  • Led development of ActiveSync engine in python 3.x used by team of 6 protocol developers in Seattle, Ottawa, and Waterloo.
  • Solved issues related to mail server quirks, network connectivity, and memory usage.
  • Collaborated with core development team on common platform designs.
  • Mentored Java developers on development best practices in Python.
 Software Engineer
 Jun 2007 - Dec 2010
 BlackBerry, BIS Email
  • Developed new mail and contact sync connector for Microsoft's Hotmail service.
  • Developed mailbox search integration from handhelds to Gmail through the IMAP interface.
  • Led development of an integration bridge between BIS services and a newly acquired mail server, Alt-N MDaemon.
  • Led investigation for continuous delivery improvements resulting in 60% reduction in build times.
  • Presented improved developer workflow with git to global audience of managers.
 Oct 2001 - Aug 2006
 P&H Mining
  • Researched emerging software development technologies for use by the global IT department.
  • Designed, developed, and supported an internal IT work-flow system; demonstrating how a web application using Java and SQL Server could provide global access for users and rich reporting capabilities for management.
  • Designed and developed a time collection bridge using Microsoft .Net that connected the existing time card management solution to SAP R/3, saving the company from investing in a new setup.
  • Designed and developed a global transaction transport system that connected five legacy systems across the globe to the new eCommerce package.
  • Assisted the electrical engineering department in rolling out a source control management system and strategy that accommodated both their legacy and new development processes.
 Senior Consultant
 May 2000 - Sep 2001
 Keane (at Northwestern Mutual)
  • Developed business logic middleware component in C++ for the agent commission management UI.
  • Tracked down numerous memory leaks and pointer errors using Rational Purify.


 BS, Computer Science
 2001 - 2007
 University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee
  • Minor in Business Administration
 Data Science Certificates
 2014 - 2015
 John Hopkins University on Coursera